You’ve seen this hashtag before.

Maybe you know what it means, or maybe you don’t. We’re going to assume the latter and let you know what it is to be woke.

Simply, woke means that you’re aware of what’s happening around you, but not in a common sense-sense. It’s having an eye for systematic injustice, unfairness and inequality.

A woke person’s observations often lead to action. In other words, once you see something, say something, do something. You could help others see what needs to change — or you could be the change.

That’s the driving force behind our magazine.

We want to help the Kingston community see the issues unfolding locally, nationally and globally. We want to give you the facts, but we also want to show why you should care. We want to give you the tools and drive you need to make things happen.

So, read up, comment, send us letters, share. Stay woke., spread knowledge and make the world a little bit better because you’re paying attention.