Comfort in Kingston: Student Engagement for International Students

Students like myself who are thousands of miles away from home are feeling comfortable at Kingston University, and all the credit goes to Student Engagement and Enhancement (SEE).

SEE arranges regular events so that students can get to know each other, and many of us are enjoying the opportunities to meet. I was first intrigued by the group due to their introductory events that helped us adapt easily and make us feel at home.

Firstly, we were taken on a walking tour from Clayhill, where I live, to our respective University campuses, and many people said it was of great help to them. Of course, we are making use of the inter-site bus service, but the walking tour was very useful for those who prefer to go on foot, like Tanvi Kulkarni.

Kulkarni, who also lives in Clayhill, said: “I love walking and the walking tour helped me remember the route to the university. They also showed us shops to buy essentials on the way and I am thankful for that”.

The next event was an icebreaker for all of us to get to know each other. It was a barbecue lunch party. The party was so much fun and it allowed us to interact with our flatmates, as we were introduced to so many people who live in the accommodation. I, of course, have to pay some tribute to the great food provided, too.

My friends in IQ Wave had the lunch party the following week. Nidha Rehmani, who lives in IQ Wave said the party changed her perception of the people in her accommodation.

Rehmani said: “I was very nervous and felt homesick when I came here, but everyone is so friendly. I have only been happy since.”

By this time we all had gotten comfortable with each other and started showing up in groups to the events, including a breakfast with tea and coffee. The latest one of the parties organised for the residents had free pizza, music and games. It was good fun — lots of interesting games and good music. We all felt like free birds enjoying the evening with our friends.

SEE also tends to do a superb job in celebrating holidays. Residents from Seething Wells said they were excited for a Halloween party and only had praise for the efforts made by SEE.

Though many events have passed, there are still opportunities to come and enjoy what SEE has to offer and meet new friends. Christmas is nearing and, though nothing is happening in my accommodation, we were given pamphlets on an event that is going to happen at the Viper Room. It’s organised by our student union and features London’s top DJs coming to give us a night of scintillating music. As an added incentive,  you can even get two cocktails for 10 pounds all night.

I can’t wait for that, what about you?

Sri Vishwanathan

To find out more about Kingston events, click

[Picture: Clayhill Website – Kingston University]

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