7 Transgender Models Who Are Slaying the Modelling Industry

This week Pakistan’s first transgender model was introduced to the modelling world. Kami Sid is a social activist who has been working hard to end transphobia, the intense dislike of or prejudice against transgender people.

Though many have become more accepting of the transgender identity since Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation shed light on the issue, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

That’s why other heroes are championing acceptance around the world. In fact, with Jenner in the limelight, other fascinating transgendered people including Sid have been overlooked .

Here’s a list of seven transgender models who are doing their part — and werking the industry at the same time.

1. Kami Sid

Photo: Buzzfeed/ Muhammad Haseeb Siddiqi
[Photo via Buzzfeed/Muahmmad Haseeb Siddiqui]

Sid’s activist heart is one worth noting as she works to end of transphobia.

2. Andreja Pejic

[Photo via Rex Features]

Andreja was an androgynous model before her transition in 2014 and returned to the modeling world last year as the first transgender model to have a profile in Vogue.

3. Tracey Norman

trans model tracey norman
[Photo via Rex Features]

Tracey was the first black transgender model. She was also the first to have her flawless face on a box of Clairol hair colouring.

4. Geena Rocero

trans model geena rocero

Geena has been an inspiring leader in the LGBT community. She has given a TED talk and spoken at the White House. She’s also the founder of Gender Proud, a non-profit organisation that advocates for the transgender community.

5. Leandra Medeiros Cerezo a.k.a. Lea T

trans model lea t
[Photo via Rex Features]

Lea T was discovered by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy and is considered the first transgender supermodel.

6. Aydian Dowling

trans fitness model aydian dowling

[Photo via Brian Davies]

Aydian was in competition to be on the cover of Men’s Health and nearly won. Since then, Dowling has become the first transgender model to appear on Gay Times magazine.

7. Isis King

trans model isis king
[Photo via Rex Features]

Isis is the first transgender model to appear on America’s Next Top Model. Aside from her modelling career, King is also an actress.

Though these fabulous people have modelling in common, they are all uniquely important in contributing to changing this world. Aren’t they just stunning? 

— Ashley Vega




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