Activist Fashion: Clothes That Do the Talking

Welcome to the age of activism. People have gathered together to stand against their oppressors  after the attacks in Orlando and Nice, incidents of police brutality and even the shocking U.S. Presidential Election. And, not only are people vocal about their opinions, but they’re showing them through their fashion choices, too.

Fashion has always been a way to express one’s gender identification, political views, religion and more. But using it as protest is brilliant, as it gives people the opportunity to take a stand without words or conflict.

It’s not the first time clothes have been used as a form of protest, either. In the beginning of the female liberation movement, for example, women began to shorten their skirts until the first mini skirt was introduced. This was one way they could validate their own sexuality.

Lady Gaga doesn’t need validation from a man, either — especially one man in particular. She was recently photographed taking a stand against President-elect Trump by wearing a t-shirt that said, “Love Trumps Hate.”

Lady Gaga out and about, New York, USA - 09 Nov 2016
[Photo via Rex Features]

Other celebrities have used activist fashion to speak on racial injustices, especially regarding police brutality in America. NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving, among others, was spotted wearing a shirt that said “I Can’t Breathe” to protest the death of Eric Garner, a man who died after police held him in an elongated chokehold despite him declaring he couldn’t breathe.

[Photo via]

Fashion stores such as Urban Outfitters and TopShop have caught onto the trend and have begun to produce activist fashion pieces. Other up-and-coming clothing lines have been designing clothing to protest as well, such as Kids of Immigrants.

It’s empowering to see that people are using as many platforms as possible to speak out against the events that have been shaping our world. What better way to protest than by letting our clothes do the talking?

by Ashley Vega

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