3 Products That Prove Skincare is Genderless

There is no gender when it comes to skincare.

When taking care of your skin, the many products that differentiate between women and men often only do so in an attempt to appeal to men without hurting their masculinity. Some men ignore skincare altogether assuming it’s a habit that’s for women alone.

It turns out that, no matter your gender, your skin needs the same things as the next man or woman. When you discard the thought that men’s or women’s products are the only ones for you, you might just find that your skin will thank you. The following three products prove that good skincare knows no gender:

1. Sheet Masks

This product came all the way from Korea and has quickly been picked up by both men and women. Sheet masks are a cotton cloth soaked in a liquid formula. You place the cloth onto your face, leave it for about 15 minutes, then take it off and bin it.

The mask’s main purpose is to hydrate your face, but there are more specific masks that claim to help different skin issues, like redness or acne. At the very least, you’ll find that your moisturized skin will be extra dewy and glowing — no one can complain about that.

2. Scrubs      

Scrubs are another essential part of a skincare routine for both men and women. Scrubs clean the skin, remove any excessive oil and dirt, and leave the skin softer. There are tons of different scrubs on the market, and you can choose one that suits your  skin type.

After much research — and many trials and errors — on my own part, I found out the most effective scrubs to be the ones that contain either black sugar or salt, as they are the perfect exfoliators for dead skin cells and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. These ingredients just so happen to work on anyone’s skin, so no need to discriminate between men’s and women’s products if you want a deep clean. 

3. Face Creams

Finally, face creams aren’t new to the skincare scene, either: they have been around many years but have been “customized” for men in the last decade. Aside from packaging and the occasional fragrance, you’re likely to find that many formulas work in the same way as the ones women have been using for years.

Face creams moisturize the skin but their texture depends on your skin type, so know yours — dry, combination or oily — before buying. The thing you have to watch when buying face cream is that it’s tailored to your age – don’t go out and buy a cream for deep wrinkles, for example, as it’s not going to offer you any extra help because you don’t need it yet.

All three of these products will work best when customized to your skin type: notice how that has nothing to do with your gender. So, look past the labels and find the products that work for you, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

— Thisvi Papanastasiou

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